Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

When a number of people have been harmed in some way by a company, they have the legal right to unite and sue the company as a group. This is the simplest definition of a class action lawsuit.  It is necessary that the people have all been harmed in the same way and that they meet certain other requirements.

Q?  How does it work?

There are certain processes and procedures that must be followed in order for a group to be recognized as a "class" before a class action lawsuit can be started.

Let's say a large number of investors were told that the Acme Company (a fictional company) had received an order from the Acme Builders (another fictional company) for $15 million in building materials. That would encourage people to buy stock in Acme Company with the expectation that the company's stock would increase in value. If it subsequently came to light that there was no such order, the news about the order was deliberately promoted to boost the stock price, these investors would see their investment shrink, if not disappear outright.

These investors must first come together as a group.

Our website was designed so that people can learn that they are not the only ones who have been harmed by companies and give them an opportunity to let us know that they want to be included in a class action lawsuit.

Once we receive information from individuals, we start preparing to file a document in Federal Court asking for the group of people to be named a "class," and once that occurs, asking that JFJN Law be named the lead counsel for the group.

At that point, we begin the process of litigating against the company on behalf of the class, in much the same way we litigate other cases against big companies.

Q? Why should I become part of a class action lawsuit?

Class-action lawsuits allow individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of litigation to defend themselves against losses. It's also a good solution for people to recoup a loss that would not be big enough for an attorney to take on a contingency basis.

Thousands of people bringing thousands of individual lawsuits would be impossible for any court to manage. Instead, individuals become part of class action lawsuits, which allows a large group of people to bring a lawsuit where it simply would not be practical for all of their cases to be addressed separately.

Q? How does JFJN Law decide which companies to litigate against?

Our class action lawsuit practice focuses on cases where we believe that we can make the biggest impact. We find that this approach allows us to do the best job possible for our clients. We are able to represent clients nationwide and we always keep our eyes on the prize: a good result for our clients, no matter how few or how many are in the class.

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